Water Heroes Academy Spotlight: New York City

Water Heroes Academy, supported by Xylem and Cityzens Giving, is a global network of youth-led projects aimed at tackling water challenges in local communities using the power of football.

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In New York City, USA, Young Leaders are focused on preventing urban flooding and water pollution.

By 2045, more than $8.5 billion of the New York State’s residential properties (based on today’s values) will be at risk of chronic flooding. 1

Vanessa and fellow Young Leaders in NYC are equipping local city kids with tangible solutions to these issues, including water conservation, proper waste disposal, and looking after waterways:

“Contrary to popular belief, New York City has many water challenges including water scarcity, flooding and polluted waterways.

We are delivering unique football and water educational sessions to teach kids young kids the importance of water.

It’s amazing to see how football is helping form new friendships and helping educate young people on water.”

Alongside the unique football and water educational sessions, the Young Leaders have been tackling water pollution hands-on by carrying out park and beach clean-ups and running community events.

To date, over 450 participants have benefitted from the programme, with multiple events across New York City.

This Cityzens Giving project is delivered in partnership with City in the Community New York, and generously supported by Xylem.

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Note 1: Source Union of Concerned Scientists, 2018

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