Water Heroes Academy Spotlight: São Paulo

Water Heroes Academy, supported by Xylem and Cityzens Giving, is a global network of youth-led projects aimed at tackling water challenges in local communities using the power of football.

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In São Paulo, Brazil, Young Leaders in the community of Vila Albertina are using football to empower youth to campaign on water access and pollution.

Through creative football-based games, the project aims to make local city kids aware of the importance of water and its conscious consumption.

In 2016, 35 million Brazilians did not have access to drinking water and more than 100 million lived without adequate sanitation. 1

Iago, along with the Young Leaders in Vila Albertina, has been running football workshops to get city kids engaged in water issues from an early age:

“The purpose of the ‘Education and Water’ project is to educate Vila Albertina – to teach about how not to waste water, raising awareness with the young first so they will do the same with their families.

Water is ours. Water is life. It’s all we need. Take good care of water – save it.”

To date, over 370 participants have benefitted from the project, with regular Saturday morning activities, as well as workshops with Xylem mentors, online training and community awareness marches.

This Cityzens Giving project is delivered in partnership with Gol de Letra, and generously supported by Xylem.

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Note 1: Source We Are Water, 2016