Guardiola: Aguero title win impossible to top

On the 10th anniversary of the 93:20 Premier League title win, Pep Guardiola says that even if his players had a similar last day win to become champions, it could never be the same as the win in 2011/12.

Guardiola says anything is possible in football, but the last-gasp nature of City’s 3-2 win over QPR a decade ago means that it will never be topped for the sheer drama and emotion of the moment.

“It can happen if it finishes that way. but It would be incomparable. The first time is always the first time,” said Guardiola.

“The first time is always special in everything we do in our lives. Arriving in that moment and trying to win.”

Asked he had watched the game when it happened, he said: “I was in Barcelona, I think so. Not live. I saw it afterwards.”

And on the day Sergio Aguero’s statue was unveiled at the Etihad, Guardiola was asked what he thought of honouring the Club’s all-time record goal-scorer in this way? 

“More than deserved,” he said.

“It is a great honour for Sergio and his family and friends. He is an icon for this club.

“Of course on the tenth anniversary, for the goal he scored in 93 minutes, but not just for that, for all of his career here.”

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