Pep Guardiola says he would prefer football matches were postponed rather than played behind closed doors in light of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Manchester City boss said the Club will follow all the appropriate advice and reiterated that public health takes priority over football.

However, with supporters being prevented from attending a number of matches across Europe, Guardiola explained he feels in the long term, it makes ‘no sense’ for fixtures to go ahead if fans are unable to attend.

“The reason why we do our job is for the people,” he said ahead of City’s game against Arsenal.

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“If the people cannot come to watch, there is no sense. I would not love to play games in the Champions League or the Premier League without the people.

“We are going to follow instructions.

“If UEFA say we have to play without spectators, we will. If it happens for a long time it makes no sense.

“But, the health is the most important thing right now, not the competition. It is how we take care of the situation, getting right in each country day by day.”

Watch his full pre-match press conference, including the latest injury news in the video above.