Guardiola: ‘Ederson? He’s crazy!’

Pep Guardiola admits Ederson occasionally gives him a fright during matches.

Our brilliant Brazilian’s coolness under pressure knows no limits and, not for the first time this season he left his team-mates and a sell-out Etihad holding their collective breath as he received a pass back, allowed the ball to run on towards the goal-line before casually passing it away as Diogo Jota lunged to intercept.

 Undoubtedly one of the best – if not the best in the world – he seems completely nerveless no matter what the situation is – and Guardiola thinks he knows why.

“He’s crazy! The guy's crazy, honestly,” he said.


“Sometimes I think he doesn't feel something. If he concedes a goal he is calm, makes the save of his life, he is calm.

“He is so stable - which for a goalkeeper is good. I thought at the time (against Liverpool) it cannot be as close, but I saw it and it was one inch from the goal.

“Eddy is what he is. He is stable, doesn't feel pressure and he forgets previous actions as quick as possible, good or bad.

“That is so important. It is really good as a keeper.”

Watch Pep’s full pre-Atletico Madrid press conference on the video above.