Pep Guardiola says winning the Treble last season has no beneficial effect towards attempting to do the same again.

Only City and Manchester United have managed to win the Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cup in one season and that if winning it once made it easier, it would have happened before.

The City boss added he is not thinking about anything other than our next clash with Everton – a game where a home victory could see the Blues move to the top of the table for a few hours at least.

“If it was easier to do it then another team like United would have done it again,” said Pep. “It’s not easy. 

“What I like is the satisfaction [of my players] after beating Luton Town and the celebration in the locker room. 

“That is what I like from my team and Brentford – last season we could not beat them - zero points to their six, and the satisfaction when we won on Monday.

“The players know how difficult it was and we know how difficult it will be in 10 or 11 days when they come to the Etihad to play the game in hand that both teams have.

“Everything is so difficult in this business – everything - with no guarantees. Do all the same things again play every three days to stay there until the end. 

“What I like is that we are still there. Close to the top of the league and in other competitions, we are there. 

“Hopefully arrive in March with the same feeling and we can fight for titles in May. This is the target. 

“We have the experience that we have together in these stages. Every game is a final. 

“16 games is a lot in the Premier League – a lot – and knowing and seeing contenders like Liverpool, especially, and Arsenal, Aston Villa, and Tottenham always they are there. 

“I don’t have the feeling they will not drop many points. We will have to try to continue that rhythm.”

And the boss also said it was down to his team to create a vibrant atmosphere against Everton.

Lunchtime kick-offs up and down the land are often less raucous – even sometimes flat affairs when starting at 12:30 – but Guardiola believes if his players set the tempo, the crowd will respond.

“If we play well, we will create it,” he said.

“We know our people. Be positive and after they will respond, otherwise they will not. 

“It always has to be like that. Go to the theatre, I say, ‘show me talent’ and after I will respond well. 

“That’s what we have to do.”