Watch as City stars Ruben Dias, Jeremy Doku, Matheus Nunes, Lauren Hemp, Yui Hasegawa and Deyna Castellanos coach young footballing talent in Gatorade’s 1v1 showdown!

Gatorade stopped by at the City Football Academy to get some one-on-one coaching from some of the Men’s team stars.

Dias, one of the best performing centre-backs in the Premier League, offered his expert insight into how to approach a one-v-one scenario to the young Gatorade ballers who have been recruited for the showdown.

Doku and Nunes, two of City’s newest attacking talents, gave advice on how to take a defender on in the same scenario and how to capitalise on space created by quick feet and speed.


After a brief break to hydrate, in stepped Hemp, Hasegawa and Castellanos from Gareth Taylor’s squad as the Gatorade players were then put to the test to see how much they listened to the coaching of Dias, Nunes and Doku.

And things got competitive as each City player was paired with a Gatorade player with the formers tasked with offering advice and words of encouragement as their representatives battled it out in one-v-ones.

Watch to see who came out victorious in the Gatorade 1v1 showdown!