Former Prisoner of War Trautmann made 545 appearances for the Blues between 1949 and 1964 after winning over a nation with his brilliance and bravery.

He wrote his name into City folklore when he continued to play during the 1956 FA Cup final, despite breaking his neck in a challenge with Birmingham City striker Peter Murphy, helping ensure the Blues won 3-1.

Bert’s path to legendary status is, perhaps, like no other footballer.

Born in Bremen, Germany on October 22, 1923, Bernhard Carl Trautmann’s parents could never have imagined their son would one day become a legendary figure in football, let alone a huge star in England.

Indeed, that he ever played the game at all was down more to the fact he was captured during World War Two and held as a Prisoner of War where his natural sporting ability emerged and changed his life, and destiny, forever.