City's eSports team explore Blue Moon on Roblox

Join Kacee, Shellz and Ryan in a game of Moonball on Manchester City’s Blue Moon on Roblox!

Watch an exciting match as our players score some goals and use rockets and power ups.

Head to the Blue Moon to play Moonball, style your avatar in Man City gear, and make new friends.

Earlier this year we became the first Premier League club to launch an experience on the popular online platform, Roblox.

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Created in collaboration with Karta, the experience follows the story of the club’s characters, Moonchester and Moonbeam, and features various activities, including a minigame and a virtual store.

Fans can also play and watch Moonball matches, complete quests to earn in-game rewards and interact with other City fans on Roblox.

Click on the video above to see how Kacee, Shellz and Ryan got on when they played Moonball...