Watch this truly inspirational interview with Manchester City academy coach Jamie Carr as he gives us all a lesson in determination, focus and spirit following a remarkable global double challenge.

Jamie set himself two extreme challenges as part of his Nothing Ventured campaign - to raise money for City in the Community and the Cancer Fund for Children in his native Ireland.

The first was in the desert and the second one was on the sea – quite an expedition for someone who admitted afterwards that ‘my biggest fear in life is sharks followed closely by snakes!’

First off, he ran six ultra-marathons in six days across the Sahara.

The Marathon Des Sables course spans approximately 156 miles in one of the world’s most inhospitable climates.

Jamie battled extreme heat, distance and dehydration with a 15kg pack on his back, taking on a race that has been described as ‘the toughest footrace on earth’ by The Discovery Channel.

He called it an ‘amazing, amazing experience’ and one that left him with ‘a huge sense of pride’.

And, as it that wasn’t enough, Jamie then completed a 3,000-mile row across the Atlantic Ocean.

Jamie spent up to two months on his own, rowing the world’s toughest ocean for up to 16 hours a day – with one of biggest obstacle a huge sense of loneliness.

Jamie admitted that ‘I cried for the first 29 days straight, just random outbursts of tears’ because of the isolation he encountered.

He was ‘right on the edge riding on adrenaline and pushing myself right to the limit’ as he made his way to the finish line on the final day.

And when he completed the challenge ‘I dropped my head with relief and let out all the emotions that had ramped up, it was a rollercoaster and unleashed at that stage.’

Now he’s back, the Under 18s assistant coach’s full focus is on football again and he’s relishing the upcoming FA Youth Cup clash with Arsenal calling it ‘a huge occasion and one we’re really looking forward to.’

After seeing off Blackburn Rovers, Brighton & Hove Albion, Fleetwood Town and Oxford United in previous rounds, we take on the Gunners this Tuesday and Jamie gave his thoughts ahead of the last four encounter at Emirates Stadium kick-off 19:00 (UK).

You can watch the in-depth interview in full above – it’s one not to be missed!