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Getting your City Family Group set up!

There are some changes being introduced to Friends and Family, to help make Seasoncard renewals, purchasing match tickets, and managing Cup Schemes as easy as possible for everyone.

Relationship Types

In addition to the normal Friends and Family relationship, there is now an option to add someone to your City Family Group.

Setting up a City Family Group creates a special network. The supporter who first sets up the network by adding members of their friends and family to the City Family Group is the group leader.

A supporter can be classed as friends and family with many supporters but can only belong to one City Family Group.

Below is a summary of the actions a supporter can make on behalf of another supporter based on their relationship type.

Regular Friends and Family Relationship City Family Group Relationship (Indicated by a star next to their name in your online account)
Can buy home and away match tickets and see the purchase in my online history Yes Yes
Renew Seasoncard No Yes
Enrol in Cup Schemes Yes Yes
Relocate seat(s) for the season or for a single match If the seat was purchased as part of the City Family Group first Yes
Regrade (change age band) If the seat was purchased as part of the City Family Group first Yes

For example, if you would like to renew a family members Seasoncard, you can only do this if you belong to the same City Family Group.

In the Friends and Family Relationship section of your online account, you will know if you are in a City Family group with someone by the STAR next to their name, as below.

Friends and Family module online 

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