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Update on UEFA away match ticket collection

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: City will travel to Barcelona on the 19 October in their next European match

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: City will travel to Barcelona on the 19 October in their next European match

An important update on the UEFA away match ticket collection process ahead of City's trip to Barcelona on the 19 October.

The UEFA away match ticket collection process was put in place for a number of reasons:

  • Supporter feedback that the current ticket sales process does not work and access to tickets is becoming more difficult
  • Supporters that qualify are buying tickets with no intention of attending the respective match and selling them on
  • Inappropriate behaviour of a small number of supporters when at the away ground

Feedback on the process and the reasons for this has been extremely positive, not least because it has allowed supporters to access tickets that they would not normally have had the opportunity to purchase.

The Club accepts that the process for the Celtic match was not as effective and efficient as it could have been and that it had an impact on the matchday experience for some supporters. Whilst the Club will do everything it can to ensure that a genuine qualifying supporter has the opportunity to purchase tickets, and other measures are in place to do this, it would be remiss of us to ignore supporter feedback at this time.  The Club is also aware that being in advance possession of a match ticket in Germany enables free travel which is an additional consideration for our ticketing process.

For the F.C. Barcelona and Borussia Monchengladbach Group Stage matches, the Club will waive the usual ticket collection process.  However, we may reactivate this for any further stages of the competition, whether in its current or revised form and/or subject to the opposition or to ensure we comply with any UEFA competition rules. It is also important to note that there are a number of clubs in the competition that insist on certain security measures being put in place and we will respect and adhere to all processes as advised by the home club.

We are aware that this will have an impact on supporters that have been able to purchase tickets for some recent UEFA Champions League matches that had previously been unable to do so.  As a result, the Club will be undertaking a full review of the away match ticket process, for all competitions and the Ticket Points system. This will involve supporter consultation throughout the course of the season with any changes being implemented for the start of the 2017/18 season.

Finally, we would like to remind supporters that their behaviour travelling both to and from and within the away ground reflects directly on the Club’s reputation. We ask that you behave in a manner that is appropriate to your fellow supporter, shows respect to the opposing club and that you act as ambassadors of not only Manchester City, but also the City of Manchester.

Tickets and Travel

Watch Everton in style

MEMORABLE: Award winning hospitality at the Etihad Stadium

The 2016/17 season is in full swing, so why not watch it in style!

Watch one of the world’s best managers, Pep Guardiola take charge of his new look City at the Etihad Stadium against Everton on Saturday 15 October.

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Cup final: Supporter information

MULTI PURPOSE: The clappers had two uses at the game, to create plenty of noise and shield the sun away from fans' eyes!

Important information for the FA WSL Continental Tyres Cup Final 2016 match MCWFC against Birmingham to be played on Sunday 2nd October, kick off 3pm, at the Academy Stadium.

Tickets and Travel

Barcelona v City: Ticket information

BARCA BOUND: City travel to Camp Nou on Wednesday 19 October.

We have been allocated 4,600 tickets for our Champions League group stage game against Barcelona, which will be on sale to supporters who meet the qualifying sales criteria from 9am on Monday 3 October.

Camp Nou, Barcelona v Man City ticket details.