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Dias: It’s easier playing than watching!

Ruben Dias says he would rather not watch a game like City’s 3-2 win over Aston Villa from the stands again anytime soon.

The Portuguese star has been absent since picking up a muscular injury against Newcastle United and was forced to miss the last three games of the season.

After watching his team-mates snatch victory from the jaws of defeat on Sunday, he admits that next time he wants to be watched rather than watching!

“It was complicated and there were too many emotions,” said Dias.

“I guess it's always easier to be on the pitch because you're just focused on your job, but I'm very, very happy we did it at the end.

“It was a tough moment, and you can say all the things in the world, but it doesn't matter because it's about everyone believing - that was the special message Pep passed on to the team at half-time.

“We needed to believe and that's what the team did, especially the guys who came on because they made the difference, and this is why we won the Premier League.

 “We did it because we are not individuals - we are a team and that's what makes us who we are.


Our team is surrounded by talent and quality at every stage, on the pitch and behind the scenes and I think that makes the Club what it is.”

After collecting his second Premier League winner’s medal in just two years, Dias was asked whether this proved he’d made a wise decision joining City?

“I will never regret it even for one day and being here is all an ambitious player could want,” he said.

“To be here, to fight for everything and to fight to win it, and in moments like this when things get complicated, players stand up (if they are knocked down) - they get back up and they find a way to solve it.

“It will be my first champions parade on Monday - we didn't get to go on one last year (due to the pandemic), so I'll make sure I enjoy it!”

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