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De Bruyne plays part in COVID-19 Relief fund-raising drive

Kevin De Bruyne has revealed how he was inspired to help raise vital funds for the COVID-19 Relief effort by taking part in a special Fortnite online challenge with Tottenham’s Dele Alli.

The City midfielder and his Spurs rival took part in a unique live stream of the popular game which helped raise more than £2m dollars to aid in the fight to try and tackle the coronavirus pandemic which has had such a devastating worldwide impact.

And, for his part, De Bruyne said that he was only too happy to use his platform and status as one of the world’s leading players to try and help in such a vital way

“Well, I think everybody’s trying to do their part. I think everybody feels responsible, in a way, for their community,” the Belgian star revealed.


“It can be your country or where you live, or your family. Everybody has his own situation, and everybody is obviously going to take care of the people around them, and then obviously if they can, do more stuff.

“I think obviously we are more fortunate than others, so we are able to do more.

“But even sometimes for people it’s not about money, it’s about getting attention, it’s about, you know, just interaction between us and fans.

“I saw that with the live video I did. It’s probably not the best thing that I did, but people enjoy it and people like to see you in another time and space, and I think that that’s the good thing of having social media these days.

“You can this type of stuff while being at home and I think that’s a good thing.”

De Bruyne, speaking in an interview with NBC’s SportsSoccer programme, also gave an insight into how the novel idea to take on his Tottenham and England rival came about.

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“Well, I got a text from my commercial partners, from Roc Nation, and they said, “Are you interested in doing something?” Obviously I said, “Yeah, why not?,” KDB added.

“I had never streamed before and I had no idea how that would go, and it took me a day – half a day, a day to set up.

“So, I was fairly impressed at how long it does take to do a little set-up like that.

“But, in the end, it was just fun, and I think it was nice for people and our fans to see us in another way, you know.

“And in the end, we were just doing something fun while raising money for charity, so at the end of the day it’s a combination of doing something fun and nice for the community.

“It was really a fun time.”

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With a date for when City and football can resume still to be arranged, De Bruyne also had a message of support and solidarity for all City supporters both in America and around the world at this challenging time.

“Well, obviously, stay safe, first,” Kevin reiterated.

“It’s very difficult to know always what’s happening in other countries in the world, especially that far. I’ve seen that America is getting hit hard, so hopefully everybody is doing well.

“I enjoy the support when we do the preseason tours in America. It’s always been great.
So hopefully soon we will be back.

“When we’re back on the pitch we will try to do our thing, and we will need everybody, even if they play with fans or without fans.

“All the support, we can see on social media and with videos and all that stuff, so it’s still of big importance for us.”