The defeat to Wolves on Sunday has left City eight points adrift of Liverpool at the top of the Premier League.

Our local paper have urged calm as we look to close that gap, while former City defender Micah Richards has been discussing possible tactical adjustments. 

It’s time for this morning’s Media Watch…


Manchester Evening News: Three reasons for Man City to be calm in Premier League title race after Wolves defeat

Simon Bajkowski writes: “No team has ever been eight points clear after only eight games. That's nearly a quarter of the Premier League campaign but at the same time both optimists and pessimists have to conclude it is too early for anything to have been decided.

“City have come back from worse situations before (including last season) and Liverpool have lost it from better positions. The Merseysiders remain the only club in the last 11 seasons to have been top at Christmas and failed to win the title - and they've done it three times.

“Last season, City gained eight more points than Liverpool from the beginning of January so the size of the gap between the two currently should not be overegged.”

BBC Radio 5 Live: Monday Night Club

Micah Richards says: "It will be interesting to see if he brings Kyle Walker into the centre-back role only because I watched the game and Man City had a lot of the ball but on the counter attack Wolves looked very dangerous.

"The only thing I fear for Liverpool is if they pick up a couple of injuries. Man City are a bit short in the defensive area at the moment but as a contrast if Liverpool lost Sadio Mane or Roberto Firmino they would just not be the same team,"

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Sky Sports News: Liverpool's Virgil van Dijk not looking at Man City points gap

Virgil van Dijk says: "So far we have been getting the points.

"There is always room for improvement in our game. And I think we should just focus on all the games ahead of us and don't look at any gaps or points or difference between us and the others, including City.

"There are a lot of busy periods coming up as well with December and January and anything can happen still."

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