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Messi: City are one of the strongest teams around

Messi: City are one of the strongest teams around
It’s the morning after the night before, and we are looking at the City headlines after our impressive 5-1 victory over Leicester…

In your Sunday media round-up Kevin De Bruyne receives high praise for his performance, players are rated after beating the Foxes and a word from Barcelona star Lionel Messi feature.

First up, we hear from Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp – who was in awe of De Bruyne’s hat-trick of assists on Saturday night.

While Sergio Aguero was in the spotlight for scoring four superb goals, the pundit heaped praised on our midfielder stating that he was the best player he’d ever seen at passing the ball.

"I think you just have to acknowledge the imagination, guile and genius of what De Bruyne does because it's like he sees the game in slow motion and that's what all the great players I've played against or watched do," he said on the Premier League live show. "The way his imagination and his brain works is another level to everyone else.

“The great players buy themselves time, the game looks like it stands still when they've got the ball and De Bruyne has that capacity. He is unique.

“I would go as far as to say that if you look at the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Frank Lampard and Ryan Giggs - the top assist makers in the Premier League - I think he is the best I've ever seen at passing the ball.

“He has different types of passes - through balls, crosses - he has got the full repertoire.

“He is such a special talent and Man City have got him signed up for a long time which is great for the Premier League.

"He sees the game so clearly and it's the types of passes that he makes.

“The cross for the first goal, the second cross and even that little ball he slides into Aguero, it's unique because not many players make you 'wow, how have you seen that?' and that's what he does. He does the unexpected.”

The Belgian was even awarded top marks in the Manchester Evening News player ranks for his performance.

Stuart Brennan writes: “Three more assists to his astonishing tally - the first was sheer genius, but the two for Aguero unlocked a stubborn defence and won City the game. 10.”

The goalscorer of the day, Aguero, also secured a 10 in the MEN’s article, as Brennan simply put: “Wasteful and ordinary in the first half, and the pops up with FOUR goals in the second! 10.”

Finally, we finish up with a word from Barca star Lionel Messi, who has labelled City as one of the best teams in the Champions League.

“Manchester City are one of the strongest teams around, as well as Paris Saint-Germain,” Messi told The Mirror. “I also do not exclude Real Madrid in terms of quality and experience, even though they have not yet achieved the expected results.

“Then there’s Bayern Munich, another great team who will play until the end. Today, however, the best are City and PSG,” he added.

High praise all round today! That’s all for your Sunday media round-up, but we will be back tomorrow with all the latest news from the back pages.