City’s first signing of the summer, Riyad Mahrez, has been one of the Premier League’s best players for several years.

The former PFA Player of the Year has been widely praised during that time, and here’s what some of the game’s biggest names have had to say about our new Algerian playmaker…

ARJEN ROBBEN: "I'd pay to watch Riyad Mahrez play. What I've seen, especially even more what I've heard, he looks very good. He's a very talented player. Maybe the only negative thing about it is because they're doing so well, other clubs will probably be hunting. He looks very good. But more as a team - the way they play as a team is impressive."

ARSENE WENGER: “Mahrez is dominating the Premier League. Maybe Vardy is a bigger goal-scoring threat, whereas Mahrez is the bigger threat creating chances. That's why they are playing so well...”

JURGEN KLOPP: “Mahrez is a fantastic player to be honest. I can imagine a lot of clubs are interested in him. The fact he is still there shows obviously that somebody at Leicester convinced him. So, a very important player for them, 100 percent.”

PEP GUARDIOLA: “Hopefully. I wish he comes back soon to play football because we enjoy watching him play. Hopefully as soon as possible he comes back with Leicester and plays at his level.”

CLAUDE PUEL: "Mahrez is a valuable player for us. He always shows a positive attitude. I'm happy for him because he always wants to give his best for the team."

CRAIG SHAKESPEARE: "He's the type of player who enjoys his football, if he's not training he doesn't enjoy the recovery session. He always says: 'I don't want to rest, I want to train', he wants to play all the time, he's like a kid on the playground.”

KASPER SCHMEICHEL: "He's an extraordinary player. But he can also be frustrating at times when we have to dish fines out for coming late! But, we accept that because on the pitch he's just extraordinary."

MEHDI ABIED (ALGERIA): "Everybody now knows Algeria because of Riyad. In Algeria we are really proud of him. It's not easy to be the best player of the Premier League. It's something big. Everyone in Africa likes Riyad. I remember we went to Ethiopia with Algeria, and they were supporting Riyad more than their team."

WES MORGAN: "At the training ground we all train together and I have to say is his attitude has been great. He hasn't shown that he is angry or that he is upset in any way or that his head is not in it. He comes in and he trains hard. We expect players to come and players to go. Kante went to Chelsea and there were no hard feelings there. We'd all love Riyad to stay, but who knows what will happen?"

XAVI: “Mahrez is good enough to play for Barcelona, but I am pleased he decided to stay with Leicester. He clearly must have had options, but if Leicester had lost their best player after such a big achievement it would have been a shame.

CLAUDIO RANIERI: "Riyad made two fantastic performances, in Bruges and here, and I'm very pleased when he plays in this tactical way because he was very clever, when to attack, defend and play in between the lines.”

CHILDHOOD FRIEND MADJID: "You think he puts tape on his feet the way the ball sticks to his foot. We used to fight with one another so Riyad could play on our team.”

Meet Riyad!

Riyad will be unveiled to fans at West Reception of the Colin Bell Stand on Thursday at 6:00pm.

We’ll be hosting a very special Blue Carpet Experience with our City Square presenters Danny, Natalie and Hugh with music from our resident City Square DJ!

We’ll have giveaways, prizes and exclusive competitions - as well as the chance to get close to our new signing.

Get there early and you could be one of the lucky ones to make it within the barriers and on to the Blue Carpet! We get underway at 5:30pm.