Pep Guardiola has saluted his ‘humble’ US tour squad for their mentality and fighting spirit.

Often fielding five or more teenagers, City pushed Dortmund and Liverpool hard before beating Bayern Munich in Miami on Saturday evening..

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The Catalan says his team developed the spirit of a lower league side, fighting together and battling against adversity.

“We have a lot of young guys and they played against Dortmund, Liverpool and Bayern - they are not simple teams and it is good for the future.

“They know I always play the guys who run and help them to understand the game. That is what I like the most: when I see a player fighting for his teammates, and when we play like a humble team - like a fourth division team.

“My career speaks for itself: we can play good or bad but having people who run - that is enough for me. After, we will improve.”


WATCH: Guardiola 'so proud' of battling youngsters


“You cannot imagine how much I have enjoyed these ten days with these guys. They are starving to become football players - they are hungry. 

“When I say something, they open their eyes and listen to you. They have to make their career and we are here to help them. I told them: if all the guys here in training every single day are curious to know what happens, I will say thank you. 

“Guys who don’t care, I don’t say thank you to. They did it - they are 17, 18, 19-year-old and what they have done and the way they have played makes me so happy to be the manager. It is a huge experience for them.

“We will see if they will step up and the physical conditions of those coming back. I saw many good things, but I will not say names. At that age, it can be something that confuses.

“I am happy for Phil Foden - he had an outstanding game today. Previously, it was not his perfect performance, but he did it tonight. When he does not play well, he is a fighter - he has the English mentality to not give up.

“Eric Garcia played three games and against Mane, Salah and Wagner. It is so complicated, but I am so satisfied. He was so good.

“Bayern are a big team and they were different in the box - so, so good. They have a big talent. I don’t think there was a big difference between the first and second halves - we never got down. It was humid and warm, and it is not easy to have high intensity in those conditions. I am so happy with my players.”