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Guardiola: I trust in our philosophy

PREVIEW: Pep Guardiola addresses the media ahead of West Ham v City.
Pep Guardiola asserts he has no intention of changing City’s style of play, following a difficult period of results.

The Blues will complete 2018 with a Premier League trip to Southampton on Sunday, having fallen to a third league defeat in four with a 2-1 reverse at Leicester on Wednesday, but the Catalan boss insists he and his side must learn from mistakes rather than change the team’s approach or methodology.

“It’s not going to happen,” he stated. “Why should I change? Because we lost two games?

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“Of course, I’m disappointed. That’s one of my biggest qualities. As a manager, you have to analyse what you can do better – the way we defend and the opponent.

“(After we take the lead), we have to score another one… and another! (Changing my philosophy) is not going to happen – not after three or four results.

“We have to believe in getting better. In the first season, I answered this question – people were asking why I played this way in England.

“I never tried to show you that I’m ‘special’ or ‘better’. What I defend is what I believe. After Leicester, I looked at what we can do better. We try to discover what they do.

“I trust a lot in the way we want to play and I try to do it. It’s simple: when we win, it’s right. It happened at Barca and Bayern – I know how it works – but I’m not concerned.

“After losing, I’m down and depressed for about 10-15 minutes and then I recharge the batteries and look why it has happened.

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“When I lose, that’s my job. It’s a common situation – you have to analyse why and make a solution. It is not just losses. After the West Ham game (4-0 win), I said: maybe we didn’t create enough chances.

“The manager is not a book – I say what I feel. Sometimes, I’m so angry, losing, and also the opposite.

“It’s about working harder and harder. Getting 100 points is complicated – most Premier League Champions have won on fewer points.

“It’s because there are two teams better than us at the moment. We have to focus on our games. I am so close when I travel with the guys. I know the mistakes.

“We have handled things so far quite well and we can’t forget that we are a young squad – our forwards (apart from Sergio Aguero) are 21, 22.

“We are a fantastic team but we still have to improve. We won a lot in a row in the past but in football, you can lose two, three, four, five… we could lose on Sunday!

“When that happens, everyone works hard. Sunday will be tough and we will always try to look at how we can improve the team. I know the quality they have.”

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