Kevin De Bruyne says he is playing at the same levels as last season despite the praise lavished on him this season.

The Belgian midfielder has been in sparkling form this campaign with some pundits and writers asking if there’s a player in the world in better form than De Bruyne.

But the unassuming City star says he is doing the same things as he did last year and previous seasons – only this season his team-mates have tuned into his wavelength better.

“I think I did the same last season,” said De Bruyne. “Obviously, the team knows me better and better the way I play. I think if you check the assists I did before in Germany and Belgium, a lot of times it’s the same as now.

“It’s the way I think. It is great to get a player in a scoring position. If I can give that ball, I will give it because I think at that time in the game it’s the right pass for me.

“I’m happy with my form but I’m going the way the team is going. It’s easier when the team is playing the way they are.

“Everywhere there are runners and it helps us. Everybody knows the job they need to do. Offensively and defensively we are in check. Everybody is giving a high standard. And everyone who come sin does the same job. Everybody is on a high level.

“The praise is nice but in all honesty, I don’t care. I should do the things that I do. In football, you are going to have highs and lows. In football, you must live in the middle.

“I go home and just do what I always do, no matter if it’s a good game or a bad game. I just like to enjoy my football, that’s a big part of me. I put a lot of passion into what I do and I like to win.”

Talking of Pep Guardiola’s passionate, animated style on the touchline, De Bruyne says it helps the team focus at crucial times.

SPECIAL K: Kevin De Bruyne battles to win possession
SPECIAL K: Kevin De Bruyne battles to win possession

“It keeps everybody in check,” he said. “Against Napoli, It was 2-0 and we knew it wasn’t over. If you want to win a lot of games, go for titles, the standard has to be set really high constantly.

“We’re trying to do that. Obviously, we’re only humans and we make mistakes but we are trying to get that high level as much as possible.”

And KDB has been impressed by Ederson’s excellent start with the Blues, adding: “He’s great. Obviously, he came in, there were big expectations, and he’s doing really well.

“He kept us controlling the game against Napoli by stopping the first penalty. But even the way he passes the ball around it helps us to control the gam more. He’s doing a great job.”