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Ederson: I would play outfield if asked!

Ederson:  I would play outfield if asked!
Ederson’s calmness and technical ability this season has won him admirers from all over Europe this season.

The young Brazilian has made an exceptional start to his City career and Pep Guardiola has commented on several occasions that Ederson has been integral to the Blues’ blistering start to the campaign.

His ability to ping short passes or 70-yard balls on a sixpence sets him apart from many other top goalkeepers and the 24-year-old is likely to showcase his talents on a global stage at next summer’s World Cup.

But his undoubted skills, control and reading of the game has led some to wonder if he could even try his hand as an outfield player…

“Well, if one day I am needed I think I could!” smiled Ederson.



“When I started my career, I was actually a left-back and I do have some qualities playing with my feet, so I think that helps a lot, especially due to the way we play at City.

“It’s a huge responsibility to play at the back, there is no room for mistakes, so I must be constantly focused to give my best.

“It is all about hard work and concentration. Our team has been able to play such great football, but we work very hard making sure we understand our roles and duties.

“Everything we have been practicing in the training sessions, we have brought it into the games and I strongly believe that if we keep going, in the same way which is our goal, we can go even further and win a lot more games.

“But if there was a situation where I was ever needed outfield, yeah, I’d definitely give it a go!” 

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