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#City30: Tactical masterclass

CITY 30: Tactical masterclass

CITY 30: Tactical masterclass

Which were the City performances that worked perfectly from start to finish when it really mattered ?

Let’s look at some of your suggestions for those City displays when it just sort of clicked. From the training ground right through to the final whistle, those days when the manager and players dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s.

Keep across @MCFC for all our #city30 shout-outs and let us know what you think!

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Former City stars at Euro 2016: Part two

LOOKING YOUNG: Back when Sturrigde was a blue

You’re watching the Euros and suddenly you see a player that you recognise and may be think – ‘didn’t he used to play for us?’

Considering there are no less than 16 ex-Blues, representing 11 different nations, chances are your hunch is correct.

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First Team News

#City30: Twinkletoes

Dirty Dancing: The players that could dance with the ball at their feet

The City players that deserve the title of Twinkletoes, the ones that leave their defenders on their backside...

The most skillful City players in history that could dance around the defence