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Lescott v Richards: The full story

micah v joleon

micah v joleon

At last, the full story behind Micah Richards and Joleon Lescott’s arm wrestling saga.

It’s a feud that was born on the USA tour in 2011, when Micah, noting Joleon’s extra work in the gym, challenged the Wolverhampton-born defender to an arm wrestle.

Micah believed that his natural body strength would give him the edge over his teammate but the first duel was to end in a draw – not that it stopped the bickering for long.

A succession of claims and counter-claims followed in the intervening months until City TV finally managed to capture the contest the world was waiting to see during Lescott and James Milner’s NFL challenge which Micah was tasked with refereeing.

The hilarious video has already racked up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, so why not remind yourself of the full back-story of this epic rivalry now?

We'll keep you updated with any further developments in this bitter conflict right here on mcfc.co.uk.

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