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Best is yet to come, says Sergio



Sergio Aguero says City are yet to click into to top gear, despite remaining unbeaten in the Premier League and being only two points behind United.

The Argentina striker also says injuries have prevented him being at his best so far this campaign, but he is nearing his peak ahead of the visit of Aston Villa.

He believes the goals will start to flow for the team and for himself, with his tally at just four so far – though he has scored in the last two games against Ajax and Tottenham.

“It’s true that we don’t have the same flair in the games as we had last season and we’ve scored less goals for sure,” he said.

“But the Premier League table says something different. We are very hard to beat, we are second in the table and defending well, so we can’t be doing that badly, can we?

“We have been hindered by a string of bad injuries to important players – David, Pablo, Javi Garcia, Micah, Joleon,Maicon, Barry, Milner, Samir, myself…  it’s not simple when they all happen simultaneously and I think I’m correct in saying we had very few injuries last season.

“If we have been succeeding even in spite of these difficulties, then it makes me believe that the best is still to come and we’ll be able to repeat our form of last year.


“From a personal point of view, it was a pity to get injured so early in the new season. I had an intense pre-season and I felt in terrific shape. Then I had to stop and start back from scratch which was hardly ideal, but I’m in top form right now and feel sharp and hungry.

“Injuries in general can be frustrating because they can halt you in full flow. But in my case, I was so motivated to get back on the field that it overcomes any frustration.”

And Sergio says there are no problems with his boots after he had problems keeping on his feet on one or two occasions during the 2-2 draw with Ajax recently and also against Spurs.

 He quipped: “No, it was just a few slips. It happens sometimes, but it wasn’t a big deal – in the end, I did score, didn’t I?”

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