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Vincent Kompany lambasts snipers



Skipper Vincent Kompany launched a fierce post-match broadside at those claiming mutiny is in the air at City.

Moments after the Blues earned a fourth successive, three-point domestic haul and stretched their unbeaten Barclays Premier League sequence at home to 34 outings, the Belgian didn’t mince his words.

“It’s funny,” he said. I don’t like to get involved in this, but sometimes I do question the integrity of a journalist who would write this. Based on what information does the guy come out with this?

“I never have a problem with performances being tagged down or up. People have the right to have opinions about that, but the stories are based on things that I can’t even relate to, and I am in this team.

“I can only say I would put in doubt the integrity of any journalist who comes out with this. As much as I set out in my career to be the best footballer, I would expect journalists to want to tell the truth, and do the job for that reason.


It is sensationalism, nothing more.


...Vincent Kompany...


The forthright central defender promised Blues fans that newspaper tittle-tattle and general gossip will not derail the reigning champions from their quest to repeat last May’s historic title triumph.

“I would expect the whole team to be very mature and just kick on from here,” he declared after Carlos Tevez’ goal saw off Swansea.

“Whatever criticism we are getting now, we are unbeaten in the league and in the top three. It just means we set the standard very high last season, I guess.

“I have been at City four and a half years now and can’t say I have had many moments where we have had the whole country singing our praises.

“We are not expecting it and I guess the most important thing is doing what we have to do in the league, and are trying to get better. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and like any team you just have to keep going.

“The more you climb up the ladder, the more you have to deal with these situations.

“By being patient and keeping on doing what you did to get the success in the first place, you will get there again.

“Last season, everybody said we had a great season, but we had moments like we had on Saturday. I would even say we didn’t pick up many points in those moments.

“It’s part of the game, and I accept that part of the game – I just wonder where the integrity of some journalists stand when they come out with stories with no foundation whatsoever.”


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First Team News

Mancini pleased with narrow victory

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