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Yaya Toure Diary: Why Kolo is 'King of the Ice Water'

kolo ice bath

kolo ice bath

Today we play our second pre-season match against Dynamo Dresden and it should be another good test for us.

Al Hilal was a good work out and while I understand any defeat is disappointing for our supporters, these games are purely about gradually building out fitness up.

The boss told us he was going to work us hard and he has been true to his word. Monday’s double session was the most intense yet and with the short-sided game we finished with pushing us to the limit.

That’s what we’re here for so there are no complaints – we want to build up our stamina, strength and power because we have a long season ahead of us.



My bother Kolo always makes me smile. After we’d finished he jumped straight in the ice bath after we came off the pitch and was telling everyone “I'm the king of the ice water!”

He submerged himself a few times and shouted me over to jump in but I prefer to wind down on an exercise bike. If he wants to remain the king of the ice water, that’s fine by me!



It was great to see Nigel de Jong join the training camp on Monday and we all caught up over dinner. Nigel is a really good guy and he is a welcome addition to the party, though he will probably need a few sessions under his belt before he starts to play again.

We are blessed with some great midfielders at this club and that is an incentive to keep working hard. I want to be the best I can because I am 29 now and don’t have that many seasons left in my career.

That’s why I’ll be working harder than ever this season because I want to win as many things as I can while I am still playing.

See you tomorrow.

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