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Yaya Toure Diary: Day 2

Yaya bikes it!

Yaya bikes it!

I was very happy to hear the news that our manager has signed a new five-year deal yesterday.

It is important for this club to have stability at all levels, especially after we have just won the title and the FA Cup the season before. It means there will be no changes or disruption to what has proved a winning formula and for the long term, that can only be good for Manchester City.


Now the manager can continue to build this club and plan for the future – let’s not forget Sir Alex Ferguson has been at Manchester United for 25 years and they haven’t done too badly over the years

On a personal level, I’m very happy because I want to win many more trophies with City and the manager has the same mentality as I do – he wants to win everything with this club and so do I.

He understands how I play and what I want achieve and he has great belief in me, which, as a player, is very important, so as I say, I am very happy



Of course, it’s not only me – we have a whole squad who are hungry for more success and we are pulling in the same direction.

TRAINING this morning was very hard and we stepped up the session quite a bit. There was lots of stamina work, plenty of running and also some positional play.

The object of this training camp is, over the next twelve days or so, to get the squad up to the required standard of fitness and we will be ready to go by the time the Community Shield comes around.

There is a lot of repetition in that we will do the same running, then rest, then run, then rest – but that is what pre-season is all about – hard work and it’s what we’re here to do.

My daily routine is to have a light breakfast, then train, then have lunch before a sleep for a couple of hours. Then there is the late afternoon training session before dinner and then I will relax for a little while before sleep after which the whole cycle begins again.

I must confess, it’s quite hot at night here and I haven’t slept fantastically well so far, but hopefully that will improve as we acclimatise to our surroundings.

BEING away from your family from time to time is an accepted part of being a footballer, but it doesn't make things any easier.

My children are all still small and are aged four, six and seven and I miss them.  I speak to the kids and my wife every day, usually late afternoon, so I can catch up with what is happening back home.

They know I play football, but they are too young to fully understand why I have to go away from time to time.

Tomorrow I will speak about my good friend David Silva.


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