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Mario hair today, gone tomorrow?

Mario hides new hair

Mario hides new hair

Mario Balotelli’s haircuts have become a huge topic for discussion in recent weeks and we have reason to believe he has been to the stylist again before the trip to Liverpool.

Suspicions were aroused when he refused to remove his headgear for his favourite MCFC snapper – fuelling rumours he has something new and interesting hiding under his hat.

The October Player of the Month has been in superb scoring form of late whatever the pattern atop his cranium – and now it seems to have gone to have literally gone to his head

It looks as though all will be revealed at Anfield on Sunday – until then, the Blues’ popular Italian style master who has been a cut above in the scoring stakes these past few weeks is not giving anyone a heads up.

Could it be that blond is the only surprise left?

Here's a few previous Mario masterpieces...

The design he first premiered earlier this month....

Mario 4 

But with Mario it's old hat the moment the barber has finished.

mario 1

This was a more full-headed design from last season.

Mario Generic Shot1

The one below is a mini-Mohican - very smart.

Mario Generic Shot4

Or how about this?


As for the new look - if there is one - we'll have to wait until Sunday to find out... knowing Mario he could just be in a mischievous mood.



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