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Behind the scenes: Getting ready for Villarreal

Hands up like Mario if you want more from our candid camera. The lads got back down to work today with a view to sending Villarreal the same way as Villa, and we were right there.

Here are the sharp shots of their shift shrewd Sharon was sure she should share ...

Pre Villareal2

Hey, you'll be fine, David, just relax and answer their questions, it's not the Spanish inquisition. Okay, maybe it is, just a little. Sure, I know you do your talking with your feet, but it will be okay, trust me ...


Pre Villareal3

Aah, you guys kill me, really. I have a couple of good games and you're calling me the best in the world! Si, it maybe looked good on TV last week, but it was Scotland. Ask me again after the Euros, amigos ...


Pre Villareal1

How come I always end up on the same five-a-side team as you anyway? And this ... this playing with your eyes closed and your ears covered in training, it's not big and it's not clever.  Do you hear me? 


Pre Villareal4

Hey, don't give him a hard time, it's about making your other senses sharper. Have you never seen Daredevil?


Pre Villareal5

Daredevil? I'm pirate captain Mario the Merciless, plunderer of the Spanish Main and Premier League defences. What? Oh, I read it somewhere. How d'you think I'd look with a Johnny Depp goatee?


Pre Villareal6

Okay, fellas, serious now. Kolo, your dance routine can wait. And Joleon, you've been told about the whistling ...


First Team News

Top means nothing yet, warns Mancini

Mancini Mid Villa

Roberto Mancini will take his buoyant Blues to Old Trafford next week as Premier League leaders after City wrecked Aston Villa's unbeaten record with a 4-1 win at the Etihad Stadium.

Match Report

City v Aston Villa


Irrepressible. That's the only way to describe this team at the moment. Their second four-goal victory took City to the top of the Barclays Premier League in a fashion to delight the fans.

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How City perform after international breaks