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Behind the scenes gold: David Silva

BHS Gold Silva1

BHS Gold Silva1

We've been saying it all season - Silva is pure gold! So who better to feature in the latest edition of our popular series the night after David demolished Scotland almost single-handed for Spain?

Club photographer Sharon Latham succeeds where the opposition fails and always keeps track of midfield magician Merlin, so here's a selection of candid shots she's conjured up just for you ...

BHS Gold Silva2

Here's one of her favourites. We were going to caption this "Portrait of a Foootball Genius", but he's so modest he'd probably protest. Thousands of Blues wouldn't, nor would a few disconsolate Scots ...   


BHS Gold Silva3

Rivals no longer make the mistake of thinking they can batter him off the ball - he's tough as old boots. But he likes a challenge, which is why he's secretly practising having his legs bound together to give the other team a chance ... 


BHS Gold Silva4

Ever since I was a young boy, I've played the Silva ball ... David the pinball wizard plays by intuition to pile up more replays than the third round of the FA Cup. Such a supple wrist, as you'd see if he didn't have his jacket on ...  


BHS Gold Silva5

All that pinball - and the odd game of football too - can really take it out of you. David catches a few zeds on a Champions League flight, but Sharon never sleeps. Just like a shark, except with a camera ...


BHS Gold Silva6

Hey, who says I never relax? Get this shot quick before I'm outta here. The cap is the clue. David tests out one of the settees at LA Dodgers on the summer tour: "Let's get a couple of these for Carrington, eh boss?" Sofa, so good ...


BHS Gold Silva7

And the award for best loosely-knotted skinny tie goes to ... actually, David didn't win Player of the Year, it went to Vinny Kompany. But the way he's been unpicking defences, we think he should have the tux ready for next time ... 


BHS Gold Silva8

Sharon used to live in Liverpool, so she can't resist the old Paul McCartney double thumbs up. I've won the Cup, says David, with a little help from my friends. Something in the way he moves? Roll up for the magical mystery tour ...  



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