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Behind the scenes: Birmingham

The boys heading into the dressing room spot sharons camera

The boys heading into the dressing room spot sharons camera

It's cup-tie time at the Etihad again already - they're coming thick and fast, even if the Carling Cup on a wet Wednesday doesn't quite compare to the glitz and glamour of the Champions League.

But that never deters intrepid club snapper Sharon, who puts on her best lippy and a sou'wester for later to bring you the behind-the-scenes shots as the lads get ready to tackle holders Birmingham.

Joleon and Nigel playing but watching the guys play

Hey, have you seen the weather out there, Joleon? asks Nige. Might not be a bad one to sit out after all ... we can get one of those peppery meat pies at half time ... do they still do Bovril?


 BHS gallery Birmingham

 These hands, Roberto reckons they're worth their weight in gold, you need to get a proper close-up Sharon, says physio Agostino Alessio ...


Mancini before the game after siging some fans autographs

Hey, it's not so bad out here, says Roberto. I don't know what Nigel's on about. I wouldn't mind one those pies though ... 


Off out for the warm up in rainey etihad stadium

Never mind the rain, Carlos, you have to warm up. Did you hear that, Sharon? Did that floating hand just speak to me?


Owen going out for his first taste of the city fans

Ha, last time I played, the TV highlights were probably in black and white, jokes Owen. No sooner said than done, says Sharon ... 


Seconds before the players come out to play

That moody look you like, Shaz? I think I'm getting the hang of it now ... see? With just the hint of a smile, I think that looks better ... I could be in those aftershave adverts, couldn't I? ... Sharon?


the guys spot its raining

Nedum shares the general disappointment at the weather ... it's still September, guys, but it looks like November out there! What can you do, eh? asks Aleks. Carlos is zipping up. He's gobsmacked ... 


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Mancini delight as Owen is instant hit

Mancini Mid Game2

Roberto Mancini believes Owen Hargreaves can still play a role for England after the midfielder's impressive scoring debut in City's 2-0 Carling Cup victory over holders Birmingham.

Match Report

City v Birmingham


Owen Hargreaves' opening goal on his City debut provided the fairytale stuff, but the practicalities of this bread-and-butter Carling Cup will be more important to Roberto Mancini.

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Loan watch: Vlad, Ade impress


A vintage second half display by Vladimir Weiss very nearly proved the difference in Espanyol’s meeting with Real Zaragoza this weekend, but it wasn’t to be as his side were beaten 2-1.