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Behind the scenes: The kit launch out-takes

Bring together the players, a brand new kit and club photographer Sharon Latham, and what do you get? A photo-shoot with hilarious consequences ... no, sorry, that's the new sitcom she's working on, Love Thy Noisy Neighbour.

Nevertheless, despite Shaz's reputation for always getting the picture in one shot, there are sometimes a few that don't fit - until we decided to have some fun with the ones that didn't quite make it ...

A questioning Adam J

Adam is adamant - he's not going to smile, he's going to do moody, and pulling that silly face isn't going to work this time Sharon, although you can see he's starting to waver ...


A cheeky Kolarov

OK, who gave Kolarov that bit of Kit Kat? Lick your fingers Aleks, chocolate smudges will show up on that shirt then you'll have to be back here again tomorrow ... 


Er you want us to do what?

Did somebody say chocolate? Where's mine, asks Edin? Shaz, get my photo done now, you won't catch me standing still very often this season, I feel goooood ...   


Guess who

There's always one, isn't there Shazza? And it's usually him. Not content with buying half of H Samuel this morning, Mario has suddenly turned camera shy and darted behind the ball ... 


No David the camera is this way

Ha, I might try that, grins David. Don't. You. Dare. Sharon fixes him with her steeliest glare. Look this way, now, if you want to stay in my good books - and run a comb through your hair while we're at it ...   


No James my jokes are not that funny

And as for you James Milner, my jokes just aren't that funny, so pull yourself together and open your eyes, OK?


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City submit Premier League squad

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Kolo is back and raring to go

Kolo Pic1

Kolo Toure has thanked the Club, his brother, family and City fans for standing by him over what have been an incredibly difficult past six months.

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Owen ready for a steady start

Owen Shirt shot2

Owen Hargreaves accepts that City's Champions League tie against his former club Bayern Munich will come too soon for a dream return to action.