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Open day player file2

Open day player file2

It was a change of the scene but not the routine for the players on Wednesday when training took place in front of several thousand City fans at the Etihad Stadium.

Vincent Kompany briefs new boys Gael Clichy and Stefan Savic as they prepare to enter the arena for the first time. "I'm an old hand at these things, don't be afraid, they won't bite."

open day player file1

We hope Joe's not got a case of the 'Thousand Yard Stare' yet, the season's not even started. More like an admirable amount of focus from the big fella.

open day player file3

Roberto was going to delay his entrance to get the maximum effect, but he decided to nip out quick when Moonchester started asking him about his team for Sunday.

open day player file4

Looks like that concentration paid off in spades as Joe was put through his paces in front of his adoring public.

open day player file holding image

"Ahhh! Still got it!" purred Roberto as he rolled back the years with a virtuoso display.

open day player file5

SWP showed off his good pre-season form, and Vladi Weiss looks suitably impressed in a "Padawan learner with Jedi master" kind of way.

open day player file6

"That's it, I'm off!" He may be new on the scene but Stefan's already sussed how to make a quick getaway when the camera lenses are out. There'll be none of that when it comes to the post-match inquisitions he'll get from CityTV...

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One month Palace loan for McGivern

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The Shield: City's story part I


City played in eight Charity Shield matches ... but it is the 1968 spectacular against West Brom that will always stand out in Blues folklore, and with good reason.

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The Shield: Get the tag

wembley poznan

Try to explain Twitter to the people in the crowd the last time City competed for the Community Shield in 1973 and you would have probably been looked at in complete and utter bafflement.