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The Shield picture special: Wembley, our home from home

Vincent taking a moment alone

Vincent taking a moment alone

Wember-lee, Wemberlee ... once just a dream in our hearts, it's become almost a second home to Blues players and fans in the wake of the FA semi-final and Final - and now the Community Shield derby on Sunday.

Club photographer Sharon's snapshot scrapbook is overflowing with memorable images, here's a selection to capture the flavour and those ecstatic moments as City took the national stadium by storm ...

The Arrival at Wembley

Gareth Barry is an old England hand and led the way to the dressing-rooms for that derby semi-final. Stuart Taylor has a good look around: he's been trying to remember all day who sponsored the FA Cup ... 

 The Goal

Yaya Toure spent long enough with Barcelona not to be fazed by the big occasion, and while England's centre half stays on his feet, Rio Ferdinand can only watch City's winner cross the line ...  

The Team Poznan

The celebrations afterwards are almost as memorable as the moment of victory - the players' Poznan cements their relationship with Blues fans, whose mass Poznans had mesmerised TV viewers throughout the game ...  

Boss Shows the fans the cup

Memories are made of this ... Roberto Mancini, blessed with good fortune in cup competitions all his life, triggers waves from the sea of blue and hopefully ushers in City's new silver-plated era ...  

Micah and Joe Celebrate

The look that says "we've done it!" ... Joe Hart and Micah Richards always hoped this day would come, and after beating Stoke in the Final there's no holding back ...

Patrick Compares FA Medals with Joleon

High five ... Patrick Vieira's cool-hand look as he celebrates FA Cup No.5 has the laidback air of a veteran whose Wembley adventures are coming to a close, while Joleon Lescott's face suggests one just won't be enough ... 

 Dive in Celebration

Comrades in arms ... you're allowed a beer or two when you win the FA Cup. It might not be the full squad, but this group picture says more about the City squad than any formal team shot ever could ... 

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First Team News

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