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David Silva: Fans think he's magic

david silva

david silva

This morning we asked our fans on Twitter what they thought about our very own Merlin, David Silva.

"I think David Silva is magic because...

...he can do things with a ball that even David Copperfield couldn't do" - @mattingham87

...he makes you scratch your head and think "How did he do that?" - @John_Marsland

...he wears a magic hat, and when he saw Eastlands he said 'I'll have a bit of that'"- @rm23286

...his skill and vision can't be explained by science or modern language" - @GarethVoke

...he's full of tricks and it seems he creates optical illusions on the pitch... Amazing!" - @mankmanuk

...when he has the ball nothing is impossible" - @SheilaNT

...he plays in a difficult position and somehow makes football look too easy" - @d_jc89

...he's like a human version of Speedy Gonzales" - @JoeSchoey

...he just seems to "wingardium leviosa" the ball to where ever he wants it" - @01cravend

...even though he's insanely creative and talented, he's also completely humble, selfless and kind" - @Carlota_Villa

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City’s preparations for the new season continued in fine style when they beat Inter Milan in Dublin on Sunday afternoon.

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