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Summer tour: High spirits in SoCal

Holding image for day5 training gallery

Holding image for day5 training gallery

There were high fives, roars, screams and sweat as the squad enjoyed their hardest work out yet at their Los Angeles training base.

Edin Dzeko took a well-earned ice-bath plunge, at the end but with every good story, there is a beginning. Ours starts with a mean-looking Balkans trio of of Aleks Kolarov, Dzeko and Stefan Savic - must be something in the water those boys drink that gives them the edgy look.

Steffan Alecs and Edin

Gael Clichy has been training like a demon since he joined and he's fitted into the squad like a glove. Here he is doing his pre-training stretches. Nice easy day ahead? No chance!

Gael Gives it a stretch

Less than an hour later the lads were gasping for breath and a drink after an intense, but focused training session. They enjoyed it too, with the new season drawing ever closer and the need to step things up a notch.

And Breathe

New-boy Savic has impressed everyone with his strength and stamina and looks to be an excellent addition to the squad. He must have run a total distance that Forrest Gump would have been pleased with today.

Steffan Shows hes coping

The gaffer looked pleased with his team's work-out too, even posing for a relaxed smile for the camera  for Sharon, though his whistle never too far from his lips.

 Mancini Taking a break

And we reach the end - ice-baths all round, though admittedly it does look as though it's an Oscar from Sesame Street reunion. Mario had the last word when asked why he wasn't taking a dip. 'In there?' he asked. 'They must be crazy! No chance!'

 Ice Baths a Plenty


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Summer tour: LA picture diary with Sharon Latham

Holding Image

My day started with a sneaky shot of the FA Cup by the hotel pool – well, it has been in its box ever since we arrived so I thought it would be nice to get it out into the LA sunshine and let the locals have a look at it.

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Summer tour: Fan-tastic photos

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Summer tour: City at LA Dodgers

The guys get introduced to the stadium before the joe does his pitch

"Take me out to the ball game" said the squad, and their wish was granted. City pitched up at Dodgers Stadium (see what we did there?) on Sunday, with one lucky player having the honour of getting the game under way.