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Summer tour: City at LA Dodgers

The guys get introduced to the stadium before the joe does his pitch

The guys get introduced to the stadium before the joe does his pitch

"Take me out to the ball game" said the squad, and their wish was granted. City pitched up at Dodgers Stadium (see what we did there?) on Sunday, with one lucky player having the honour of getting the game under way.

Time for some pitch side blackberry photos

After being introduced to the crowd, the lads jostled for position to make sure they did not miss that all-important first pitch, with Stuart Taylor adopting the "Tom Cruise in Top Gun" Aviator shades look to great effect.

Hartys Base Ball pitch holding image

And the lucky pitcher was, of course, Joe Hart. A decent cricketer in his youth, Joe threw himself into proceedings with gusto, looked the part and, we're told, has a decent curve ball in his locker.

James Milner Explains the rules to adam and gareth while stu checks out the crisps

"It's the bottom of the ninth", "the bases are loaded", "that is out of here!" - James and Adam impress Gareth with their grasp of baseball terminology, but Stuart looks nonplussed.

ooooo city on the big screen

The guests of honour were never too far away from the roving eye of the Dodgers Stadium camera.

Joe watches the rest of the game in his new pitchers jersey

In a nice touch, the hosts gave Joe a memento of his stint out on the field of dreams.

First Team News

Summer tour: Training day 1 in pictures

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What better way or place to shake off the jet-lag than in the warm & sunny climes of the city of the angels? After all those hours cooped up in first class, the lads fell upon the ball like a long-lost friend.

First Team News

Summer tour: Day one in pictures


No, it’s not the start of the 1970s romantic TV show Fantasy Island - it's just coincidence that Adam Johnson is shouting, “Boss! The plane!” as the players head for the Etihad Airbus 340.

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Summer tour: Departure in pictures

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The Blues set off on their North American tour - and the first international arrival was City boss Roberto Mancini, who is first off the team coach at Manchester Airport ...