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Season in pictures: April

Holding Image On the way to wembley

Holding Image On the way to wembley

Let's go to work ... April inevitably centres on Wembley and the FA Cup derby semi-final, City's most important game of the season so far, and while Nigel de Jong and Mario Balotelli focus on getting the job done, there's plenty going on elsewhere.

Joe and Ryan at the poynton supperters club

Not sure about the colour of that hoodie, Ryan, but it's too late now - just look cool for the camera. With a bit of luck, nobody's noticed. Joe Hart and Ryan McGivern are welcome guests at the Poynton branch of the OSC ... 

New under 9s sign under the watchful eye of Dedryck Gregg and Scott

It's a big day for the new under-nine intake, who are delighted the rules have been relaxed so they can field three over-age players next season.  Picking Scott Kay, Greg Cunningham and Dedryck Boyata might be stretching it though, boys ...

Katrina Kaiff visits the stadium for the sunderland game

Hooray for Bollywood! Movie star Katrina Kaiff pays a flying visit on behalf of Etihad and gets a cracking view from the posh seats as City stun Sunderland 5-0 and Yaya warms up for Wembley with the last goal ...

Tennis and football centre launch with MCFC

Never mind Nige, says Zaba, I thought it was a space hopper as well - just keep smiling and I'll show you my Nadal drop shot later on, OK? The stars are out for the launch of the Tennis and Football Centre ...

Semi final GLORY

We just couldn't leave this one out, could we? As celebrations go it's nothing special, but Yaya Toure - yes, he's under there somewhere - has just fired City into their first FA Cup Final in 30 years. So, spontaneity it is then ...

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US Tour 2011: San Francisco in pictures

Golden Gate Bridge

Whether it's the grand designs of Pacific Heights, the majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge or the mystery of Alcatraz, San Francisco is one of the most fascinating destinations on America's west coast.

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US Tour 2011: Tour guide to San Francisco

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US Tour 2011: Club America form guide

san fran stadium2

Club America, City’s first opponents during the summer trip to North America, play in the Mexican Primera Division. They were one of the founder members in 1943. The two sides meet on 16 July in San Francisco (pictured).