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The season in pictures: December

December brings a clutch of victories, the usual blip against Everton, and ... Alan! With due respect to Alans everywhere, the Salzburg player is the least pretentiously-named Brazilian ever, and Blues fans take the bemused substitute to their hearts instantly ...

Blue santas a plenty at the city santa stroll

Hey, who says there ain't no sanity clause when you sign up as a City fan? Santas, Roberto, thousands of 'em ... the Blues manager gets a warm welcome as a guest walker on the Santa Stroll for charity at the stadium ...  

David Silva works his magic with all the fans at a signing session at the new city store in town.

Listen, I'll do you a deal, right? You give Sharon a big smile, me and the lads will win our Christmas games against Newcastle and Villa and be second in the table for New Year, how's that? No wonder David Silva's so popular ...  

Roberto Gary and Mike all go along to the launch of the Ethiad lounge at manchester airport

It's not just the players in demand either. Roberto, Garry Cook and Mike Summerbee are there as Etihad's new luxury lounge opens at Manchester airport. Roberto's trip to Turin yields a 1-1 draw at Juventus to follow the 3-0 win over Salzburg and Alan ...

Snow doesnt stop play at carrington training ground

Who was that singing "Let It Snow" earlier? Chappy? Well, he should be shovelling the stuff so the lads can train, that's all ... 

The players get stuck into the christmas card making at carrington

Training? Nah, not today. The boss says as a treat we can make our own Christmas cards this year. Pass the glue, Nige? My mum's gonna love this one ... 

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The season in pictures: November

things get acrabatic at carrington training pre birmingham

And in the blink of an eye we were in November, and though the mercury in the barometer was dropping, the temperature hotted up out on the pitch with spectacular efforts like this in training.

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Celebrating the best of citytv

Fans flags

It is that time of the year when everyone in football is looking back at the season and we are not going to buck that particular trend.

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Champions League will help us grow, says Hart