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Wembley dressing room: Picture special

Vincent taking a moment alone

Vincent taking a moment alone

What a day! We can't get enough of it here, and thanks to the magic lens of Sharon, who reaches the parts other snappers can only dream about, here's another delicious slice of FA Cup success for you ...


Gareth Barry tries hard to give Shaz the traditional, "here I am with the FA Cup" shot - look at that smile - but Nigel de Jong is having none of that ...   

Garry cook Congratulates joe hart

Garry Cook pops in to tell Joe Hart there's another case of champagne on the way. Joe seems quite pleased with that ...

happy goalies

He's still got bubbles up his nose as the three keepers pose with the old trophy. Note that syncopated fist-swinging from Stu Taylor and Shay Given. Quality, lads, quality ...

Joe Empties the Bottle

Then it's back to the business of celebrating for Joe, who's spilled quite a bit down his front. Er, will there be any left for me, enquires kit man Steve Aziz. 

Lombardo comes in with the cup

Right lads, when we lift the Cup, it's a smooth, flowing motion - take it right up there above your head and hold for five seconds ... then relax. Attilio Lombardo demonstrates the Italian way ...  

Patrick Compares FA Medals with Joleon

Five FA Cups, says Patrick Vieira. No wonder I feel a bit whacked. Just one for me, says perky Joleon. So far ...

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One goal suits me, says happy Mancini

Roberto Mancini

Roberto Mancini savoured his first trophy for City and insisted he would take 1-0 victories for ever more after that scoreline landed the club's first FA Cup in 42 years.

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Cup first of many, Kompany tells fans

Match Report

City win the FA Cup!

Forty-two years of hurt were finally swept away in ninety glorious minutes of North London sunshine.