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Carrington today: Business as usual

Ouch Pablos battle scars from the FA semi

Ouch Pablos battle scars from the FA semi

The boys were hard at work today - no slacking just because they've reached the FA Cup Final. It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it. And somebody's got to take the pictures, so no day off for Shaz either ...

Kolerov and edin share a secret joke

The lads are full of the joys of Spring after that Wembley win. Aleks Kolarov has just told Edin Dzeko that he's been given enough Easter eggs to last him until November - and that's after donating half of 'em to charity ...

Ouch Pablos battle scars from the FA semi

Yikes! Here's today's X-rated snap. The Doc has told Pablo Zabaleta to get some air to his Wembley wound. That bruising should be a nice shade of blue soon, Zaby ...

Team Talk

Roberto Mancini has got to hear about Aleks' egg stash. Eating Easter eggs is normal, says the Gaffer, but I don't want to see any on the coach going to Blackburn, OK? No Jo, not even one creme egg, sorry ...  

The Manager shows david some new moves

Roberto has a tip for David Silva should there ever be two balls on the pitch at the same time. It's no good picking one up like this, explains the boss, the ref will disallow the goal and maybe book you for hand-ball as well ... 

Vincent and Mario Shar a joke

Vincent Kompany and Mario Balotelli aren't chuckling at Roberto. Mario is telling Vinny he needs a cooler haircut and suggests a City blue Mohican for the Final. He's not con-Vinced, you can tell ... 

Vincent and Patrick STretch it out

What do you reckon about the haircut, Vince asks Patrick Vieira as they pair up. Well, I think I'd avoid going to Mario's barber, says Pat. Are we supposed to be pushing each other here or what?    

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Boyata set for final stretch of season

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Forget the cup for now says Kompany

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