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On a day like this: Wembley in pictures

Holding image

Holding image

Wow, what a day! Wembley turned out to be everything we hoped it would be, and club photographer Shaz was on the spot with her instamatic, snapping away for all she's worth. Here's the big day through her lens ...

The Arrival at Wembley

OK, follow me lads, I know the way from here. Gareth was England skipper last time he walked in, so the boys are happy to let him go first. They're just savouring every minute of their day ...

The dressingroom

So ... shirts?  Check. Boots? Check. Energy drinks? Check. Players ... players? Are they still watching the pre-match telly ...?   

The Handshake

Good luck and play well ... we're sure that's what Vincent said to Vidic. We've got a special pennant for you ... oh, you've got one for us as well? Cheers. Take care of it, now, don't want it ending up on ebay ...

The Goal

Here's the priceless moment that sent the Blue half of Wembley into party mode. Rio Ferdinand can only watch Yaya Toure's shot cross the line. Thirty-five thousand Blues could watch it for the next week and not be bored ...   

The Celebration

 And here's what they thought the first time they saw it ...

The Team Poznan

Woohoo! It's all over bar the Poznan! Jo has a quick glance back to make sure Shaz has got the shot. Of course she has ... get on with your Poznan and put a bit more spring into it, son ... 


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Hart and Toure want more

Match Report

City v United

wembley poznan

City are 90 minutes from ending their 35-year trophy drought after a stunning and deserved success over United at Wembley.

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On track for Wembley: train-ing day


Wember-lee, Wember-lee ... the lads are heading down to the FA Cup semi-final and letting the train take the strain. As usual, ace snapper Shaz is prowling the aisles to get the best pictures for you ...