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On track for Wembley: train-ing day



Wember-lee, Wember-lee ... the lads are heading down to the FA Cup semi-final and letting the train take the strain. As usual, ace snapper Shaz is prowling the aisles to get the best pictures for you ...


"Psst, Mario - the boss said to wear club issue only." Balo is having none of it. He got the pirate cap as a Christmas present and he reckons it suits him. When he threatened to put the chicken one on again, Nigel decices to leave it ... 


Micah arrives with a trademark grin. And why not? He's buzing after all those hours getting fit in that oxygen tent. Never felt better, boys, he says, you should all get one ... 


Nigel decides to check them out. That expression says everything as he spots the price list. I could get a Ferrari for that, he mutters. Maybe we could go halves, suggests Joleon ...  


 James Milner has seen the one that he wants, but he's not letting on ...


Over the other side, Stu Taylor and Joe Hart are chortling away, but nobody else is laughing. It's a goalkeeper joke, lads, you wouldn't get it if we told you ...


David Silva does overhear the punchline. If you look veeery closely, he's faintly amused ...

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Tevez out of semi, Richards fit

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Carrington today: Wembley in mind

No use crying over spilt milk, as they say in the canteen. Carrington was back in full swing post-Anfield with the small matter of an FA Cup semi-final next up, and as ever club photographer Shaz was at the heart of the preparations.

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Mancini takes blame for defeat at Anfield