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Carrington in pics: Let's get physical

Don't worry, Olivia Newton-John's 1981 smash hit is not on the PA at the training ground (we hope) but there was a fair bit of work going on to help a few of our wounded warriors today.

Most people would run a mile at the thought of undergoing acupuncture, but not the redoubtable Shay Given. He's fast asleep by the looks of it, although maybe  it's Dr Ling's joke-telling prowess that's sent him to the land of Nod?

Linquing cai consultant accupuncturist working on shay given

Just as Paul Webster tells Greg Cunningham "this won't hurt a bit" (he says that to everybody), the normally affable left-back goes all shy when confronted by the lens of club photographer Sharon.  

Gregg cunningham on the table with Webster

Today we've gone further than ever before into the recesses of the Carrington gym to see Jeremy Helan, Joan Angel Roman and Ahmad Benali go through their paces, while on the floor at the back is Sarah the yoga instructor

Joan Roman Jeremy Halan Ahmed Benali

Young Tom Smith is, like Ahmad and Greg, another on his way back from a serious leg injury as you can see by the contraption on his left leg. Here Simon Bitcon watches over him as he grapples with would have been used as a torture device in medieval days.

Tom Smith and Simon bitcombe

Clare was hoping for a bit of peace and quiet to get some work done, but those hopes were shattered when Brian Marwood and David Platt dropped in for a chat. As you can see Clare likes to have the radio (on the telly) tuned into Smooth Radio, whereas Brian likes to turn it up to 11 and rock out to Kerrang!  when her back's turned.

Clare David platt and brian marwood

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Carrington in pics: Ghost town

Even Wimbleydon looks lost and alone

With the sun beaming down and the majority of first team players away on international duty it was a rare day off for the rest of the squad and many of the staff at Carrington today.

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Bring on Spurs, says Kompany

Kompany v Spurs

Another showdown with Spurs for a Champions League place will not worry Vincent Kompany if the climax to this season mirrors the last one.

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