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Carrington in pics: Aleks the great?

Something was definitely in the air at Carrington on Tuesday - pancakes!

The British lads knew all about Shrove Tuesday, but to some of our newer imports from abroad, it was yet another strange English custom. Cue Aleksandar Kolarov who was flippin' marvellous at his first pancake attempt before training.

mr kolarov practices his pancake tecnniques under the eye of sous chef jean luc

Patrick Vieira was unimpressed with the pancakes Aleks produced. "Crepe!" he declared while writing his Come Dine With Me marks out of ten on the Serbian's shirt.

pancake day international womens day and shirt siging day at carra patrick get papped signing shirts

Meanwhile, in the laundry room, Joe Hart and Mario Balotelli appeared to be hypnotized by the spinning washing machines. "Look in the tub, not at the tub, not around the tub - Aleks' pancakes are good and you will eat them for lunch. One, two, three... and you're back in the room."

joe and mario get thier clean kit from the laundry

Nigel de Jong and Carlos Tevez, under the watchful eye of coach Fausto, discuss various pancake variations around the world. "We mash up tulips and cook them on a skillet," says Nigel.

Carlos: "Eh? I always buy Mrs Beetons..."

nigel and carlo share training chat with fausto 

Time to leave the good people of the training centre alone now, but we couldn't pass up International Women's Day without a lovely picture of the real brains behind the scenes - the Carrington ladies. Miss World's got nothing on the women who really make Carrington tick - have a great day ladies! 

Lovely ladies of carrington share international womens day

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FA Cup countdown: Mike Doyle

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Silva salute to skipper Tevez

David Silva wigan

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