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Carrington today: Mancini expects

New Holding image for today at carrington

New Holding image for today at carrington

A large majority of the squad are currently off on international duty but there were enough big names left behind at Carrington for a decent session as the derby looms.

That meant plenty of prep for the ground staff including a short back and sides for the manager’s favourite training pitch.

before the players hit the training pitch it gets a little trim

Whilst their ‘factory floor’ was receiving a spruce up three of the players - Edin Dzeko, Patrick Vieira, and Jo - were recreating a scene from the Kit-Kat club in 1930s Berlin. Patrick seems to be seeking divine intervention. Note, too, that the staff gets to use invisible bands!!

Jo, Patrick an Edin do a pre warm up with john webb

World Cup winner Vieira doesn’t look any the worse after his bondage session and celebrates in time honoured fashion.

Patrick ready an raring to go for training

Edin, meanwhile, proves fit to lace his own boots as he gets ready to try an improvised IQ test.  Just what can you build from eight orange sticks and some coloured cones?

Edin sorts his laces out before training

To be brutally honest the Bosnian's final efforts are not quite as spectacular as the lads had hoped for but Carlos Tevez at least found them a decent aid in his 'teach yourself levitation' course.

Carlos Learns to levitate in training

Mancini could be telling everyone how many pieces of warm clothing he is wearing around his head and neck, performing a terrible impersonation of Winston Churchill, or teaching the boys to count in Italian but most likely, we hope, he is predicting the score line in the away team’s favour at Old Trafford on Saturday!

mancini giving out training instructions

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