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Carrington today: Blue Monday

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It was a quiet morning at Carrington today with the disappointment of Saturday's narrow defeat at Aston Villa still in the air.

With another busy few weeks ahead, the players were given a rest day ahead of Sunday's trip to Notts County. That meant legendary Carrington secuirty officer Mike Corbett (below) had nobody to exchange his catchphrase, "Brand new, son!" with.

You really have to be there when Micah Richards, Yaya Toure and Mario Balotelli attempt to return the his greeting in broad Scottish. Micah sounds like Scotty off Star Trek...

Mike has no one to greet

The car park resembles a scene from the Marie Celeste...

players empty spots in carrington today

And worst of all, the club cat Wimblydon has got nobody to give him a sachet of Whiskers. In case you've never had the pleasure, Wimbly has been catching mice in an unofficial capacity for the Blues since around 2001 and once delivered a dead rodent at the door of Kevin Keegan's office in 2002.

Nobody knows if it was a gift, or some kind of feline warning along the lines of the Mafia's 'sleep with the fishes' threat. Whatever, this cat is a legend.

Wimbly cant even get in no players no cat

But wait... is that a player in the house? Sure is - Joleon Lescott is a new band - quite literally - it's one of those new-fangled exercise bands. The City defender popped in for a bit of extra training in the gym, but nobody can escape the lens of club photographer Sharon Latham. Nobody...

one player and one player only comes in for extra training

Still, Carrington may be quiet, but there's still plenty going on. In the laundry room the washers and tumble dryers are all in action as the race to get various bits of training kit and playing attire ready for Tuesday is on. One of the ladies pictured, Ann McCarty, appears to have caught a floating pair of underpants which presumably were making their own way to the washing machine...

The Laundry room no players just kit to wash


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