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Kompany not getting carried away

kompany liverpool

kompany liverpool

Vincent Kompany has warned fans not to get carried away with the size of the win over Liverpool.

The Belgian international was imperious at the heart of the Blues defence as Roberto Mancini’s men put a third straight clean sheet into the record books .

But ahead of the Europa League tie against Timisoara he knows that it is too early to make any rash judgements.

“We played well and we did the job but to rank it as the best performance we have had at home since I got here would not be correct,” he said after the three-goal romp.

“I remember great days when we defeated Chelsea, Arsenal on two occasions, and United. This was an important win, a big win for momentum and confidence but we can still get better. It was a special result because it is the beginning of the season.

We have made a good start but that is all it is. I disagree with some of the critics about the Spurs game

...Vincent Kompany


“I thought it was a very good point some of the teams looking for a top four place will lose there. Spurs have a very good team again and any point there is a good point.”

Kompany is more than happy with his role in a back five – including Joe Hart – that has yet to be breached but is keen, too, to spread the praise.

 “I have always been confident that we have very good defenders here it  just takes some time to gel and three games without conceding a goal tells us we are on the right road in that respect,” he commented.

“You have to give credit to the guys in front of us too. You defend as a team and we have been doing that very well.

“I think everyone saw the commitment from us in the Liverpool game we were determined to make it hard for them and when they had their ten minutes on top in the second half, we were brave and resolute in our own penalty area. Whenever we needed a last ditch challenge we found it.”

Despite his superb performances so far this term, the Belgian is not yet ready to relinquish his status as a midfielder.

“Don’t move me into the defenders column yet,” he laughed.

“I have said always that I am happy at the back and I am happy in midfield. I am blessed in that respect. I feel comfortable in both positions.

“I just give my all wherever I am and spots in this side are so hard to come by I am happy to play wherever I am asked to.”

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