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Stand by for Kolarov's crackers!

A Kolarov

A Kolarov

Aleksandar Kolarov, City's new left-back from Lazio, comes with a bonus that will delight Blues fans - the exciting Serb international just loves to score goals.

Jose Mourinho describes the 24-year-old as "an extraordinary player" and he's known as the Serbian Roberto Carlos - his fierce shot once concussed a referee in a Serie A game.

Roberto Mancini has signed him for his defensive qualities, of course, and Aleksandar says: "I'm a defender, a left back ... but I like to go forward and attack the opposition.

I like to attack and I love to score goals, and I hope that will continue here at City



Lazio's fans relished Kolarov in the mood to score as soon as he arrived - he unleashed a 40-yard thunderbolt against Reggina on his full debut that flew past the keeper.

Although you could take your pick from a variety of special Kolarov goals, perhaps the Serb's most impressive finish came during Lazio’s 4-2 derby win against Roma.

He picked the ball up from his goalkeeper and sprinted fully 100 yards down the left, before cutting inside the back-pedalling Roma defence and placing a low shot inside the post.

Kolarov grinned: "Against Roma I scored with my right foot - it's the only goal I've ever scored with my right! I just cut inside and when I saw an opening I hit it.

"Roma had all pushed up because they needed a goal. Our goalkeeper gave me the ball and I saw all the space they had left - it was 3-2 for us and they were just attacking, attacking."

He added: "I played in midfield in some games for Lazio and I like midfield, but my true position is left back. It's where I'm best.

"We have Tevez, Adebayor and others who will always score our goals. But I think it's a nice bonus for a team to have a defender who will score three, four, five goals a season."

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A Kolarov

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