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Big brother Kompany keeps watch on Macc lad

Kompany United interview

Kompany United interview

Vincent Kompany is keeping a caring eye on his brother's progress at Macclesfield - but it's definitely a case of "tough love" from City's hard-tackling Belgium international.

Big Brother Vincent convinced Francois that England was the only place to make it in football, then left him to make his way towards the top at the modest Division Two outfit.

Kompany said with a smile: "He's not staying with me, though we meet up when we can. He's always had the dream. I told him that if he wanted to play football where it matters, then he has to be in England - no need to look anywhere else.

"Ultimately, it was his decision to come over. It gets him away from the comfortable family life that he had in Belgium and back to the basics - the type of life where he lives on his own, makes his own way and it's a bit harder for him."

Francois, a 20-year-old left-back or left-sided midfielder, is still fighting to break through but Vincent added: "Macclesfield is a first step for him and I think it's the perfect club to start.

"He's hoping to get his chance. He's in the right country and if he's got the talent, then he'll be recognised. Everybody has his own level, and given his age he can aim for one or two leagues higher."

Even though key Blues player Vinny has a full schedule with City's chase for a Champions League spot, he is always there for Francois - whether Kompany Jnr wants him to be or not.
Vincent, 23, laughed: "He gets plenty of advice from me - he doesn't have a choice, he's my little brother! We didn't fight when we were kids, I was stronger and I was always right!

"I've played a big part in his education as well and I'm delighted to see him developing into an interesting young man. Family is important for us, and we have the same values."

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